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Encourage and reward sharing of your products, On autopilot.

Create share and reveal campaigns that reward users for sharing your content on social channels. Easy to set up and Khrisa handles everything in the background.

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Here's an example

Perfect for every ecommerce store, newsletter, website and blog.



Users complete your task at the top.

Share Khrisa with your friends and unlock $10 credit for them and you!

*Your post must contain exactly the following:

*After submitting our system will verify and email your reward in 24hours.

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Then verify it below.

Setup is fast and easy

Have your first share and reveal campaign up and running in minutes.

"So effortless. I simply added the content I want shared and Khrisaβ€˜s tool does the rest."

Step 1:

Add the content you want shared on Twitter/X

This could be text, #hashtags or a link to your product or offer.

Feature 01


Feature 01

Step 2:

Enter the reward you want to give for sharing

Such as a discount code, download url or entry into a giveaway.


Step 3:

Get your embed code or share link

We have form exports that work with any website, as well as email and link sharing options for social media.
It literally works everywhere!

Feature 01


Now the magic happens in the background!

Khrisa handles all of the content validation in the background. Your users will be delighted with how easy it is and even more delighted with the rewards they receives.

"It excites me how seamless and easy this is. I set it up in a bout 5mins and saw 10 posts in the first few hours!"


Step 1:

Users post your content

Our widgets make this as easy as one click for them.


Step 4:

After 24 hours the reward is released

The user receives an email with the reward you have set.


Step 2:

Then submit a link to their post

A simple copy and paste.


Step 3:

Our system verifies that their post stays up

We ensure the post's content is accurate and stays up.


Create as many campaigns as you like.

With Khrisa you can quickly setup a unique share and reveal campign for every channel and step of your marketing funnel. This allows you to optimize your campaigns for each channel and audience.

"The ROI is so obvious. Your same content in 3 more channels = 3X impressions!"

Clever tech under the hood.

Behind the scenes, Khrisa uses our own proprietary system to verify shares have been properly posted and stay up for a minimum period of time.


Proprietary post verification technology πŸ’₯

Khrisa's system verifies that the share has been posted correctly and stayed up for the right amount of time. After that we then verify the reward sending to ensure each person receive it only once.

Feature 01

Feature 01


Results dashboard to track your campaigns πŸ“Š

Such as a discount code, download url or entry into a giveaway.

Easily integrate with your favorite tools.

Khrisa is so flexible it can easily be integrated into all of the tools and channels you currently use.

Ecommerce systems

Such as Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce & more.

Websites, CMS's and Blogs

Such as WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Joomla, Drupal & more.

Email and Newsletters

Such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Sendinblue, Campaign Monitor & more.

Link Shorteners and More

Such as Bitly, TinyURL, Rebrandly, Buffer & more.

A simple cut and paste to work with every marketing campaign.

Khrisa is easy to copy and paste in to any tool, however if you are still having trouble or a question about integrating, contact our team and weβ€˜re happy to help at support@khrisa.com

"Setup took me 5mins for Mailchimp, 10mins for my Hubspot emails and I added it to our blog posts in about 10mins as well. Too easy!"

ROI that stacks up

Our average users sees payback within days, a low-risk, no-brainer 😎

Number of customers that see your Khrisa embed:

Percentage that do the task %:

Number of users that will post:


Average CPM value $:

Impressions per post:

Value of potential impressions per post:


Value of all potential impressions :


Return on investment (ROI):

ROI: 91.38X

Based on our standard monthly plan.

Try Khrisa for free to test this yourself:

"It's like a cheat code. You already have happy customers and users, all you need to do is give them a little encouragement!

Get started today

Getting started is fast, easy and low-risk. We're so confident you'll see a boost in engagement that we also offer a 3-day guarantee on all plans.

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We're committed to building the best tools we can! because of that we're so confident you'll see results using Khrisa, that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all plans.

All of the usual suspects. We accept Visa and Mastercard, as well as Paypal.

Absolutely! We have customers using Khrisa for all kinds of projects and clients.

Any other questions? Feel free to reach out to us at: info (@) khrisa (dot) com

Yes we do and are currently working on a new version of it, reach out to us at info (@) khrisa (dot) com for more info.

Loved by thousands from around the world

Zoe Bell
Zoe Bell
This tool has transformed how I promote products on Twitter/X! Sharing is seamless and the custom tweet formats capture my audience's attention effectively. My follower engagement has soared since I started using it. Every social media influencer should try this out!
Jamie Parker
Jamie Parker
I've been leveraging this tool for our product campaigns on Twitter/X, and the impact is phenomenal! The ease of sharing and the tailored suggestions help drive significant traffic and engagement. It's become an essential part of our social media toolkit.
Chris Lowell
Chris Lowell
Promoting products on Twitter/X has never been easier or more effective! This tool helps me create engaging, shareable content that my followers can't resist. It has greatly amplified my visibility and interaction online.
This tool is a breakthrough for boosting product shares on Twitter/X. Its innovative features have skyrocketed our engagement rates and enhanced our growth strategies. An absolute game-changer for anyone looking to dominate social media marketing!
Managing several Twitter/X accounts just got easier with this tool. Its features allow for quick and effective product sharing, dramatically boosting our engagement. My clients are thrilled with the increased visibility and interactions.
Ella Fitzgerald
Ella Fitzgerald
This tool has transformed our approach to product promotion on Twitter/X. It helps us create engaging, tailored tweets that resonate with our audience. A must-have for brands aiming to leave a memorable impression and drive engagement online.
As a creative director, finding innovative tools for social media is crucial. This tool enhances our Twitter/X campaigns by making product shares more engaging and visually appealing. It's an invaluable addition to our digital strategy.
Sophia Alvarez
Sophia Alvarez
This tool has significantly increased engagement on my Twitter/X posts. Sharing products has never been more seamless, and the creative templates help my content stand out. It’s been fantastic for growing my audience and influence.

Encourage And Reward Sharing Of Your Products, Today.

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Join thousands of other marketers, influencers and growth hackers: