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Copilot assistants for finance, accounting, sales and more.

Our A.I. Copilots connect directly to your favourite tools and help you get more done in less time. We currently have connects for a range of accounting, finance, sales and more.

Here's our latest copilot assistants:


QuickBooks Copilot

Interact with your QuickBooks data directly in ChatGPT and Khrisa's own enhanced interface.


Xero Copilot

Interact with your Xero data directly in ChatGPT and Khrisa's own enhanced interface.


Oracle NetSuite Copilot

Interact with your Oracle NetSuite data directly in ChatGPT and Khrisa's own enhanced interface.


Sage Business Copilot

Interact with your Sage Business data directly in ChatGPT and Khrisa's own enhanced interface.


Shopify Copilot

Interact with your Shopify data directly in ChatGPT and Khrisa's own enhanced interface.


Salesforce Copilot

Interact with your Salesforce data directly in ChatGPT and Khrisa's own enhanced interface.


Square Copilot

Interact with your Square data directly in ChatGPT and Khrisa's own enhanced interface.


HubSpot Copilot

Interact with your Xero data directly in ChatGPT and Khrisa's own enhanced interface.

Instantly Save Time and Get Your Work Done Faster

Give each of your employees instant access to the latest generative A.I. models, such as GPT-3.5, GPT-4, PaLM and more. Coupled with unique integrations and features designed around the needs of business and enterprise employees.

1000's of A.I. powered tools and templates

Khrisa gives you access to an ever expanding library of A.I. powered tools and templates, including thousands for specific industries and professions.

They are design to be simple to use and each even shows you your potential time savings.

Feature 01

Includes tools for every task

Here's some examples:

Tool & template for: Business


Experience the ultimate product launch automation tool - LaunchMaster! Say goodbye to late nights and hello to a supercharged launch plan.

✅ Ave time saved: 60mins
Tool & template for: Copywriting

Headline Generator

Struggling to come up with compelling headlines? Let the advanced language model assist you! With its contextual understanding and audience targeting, this tool helps you create attention-grabbing and effective headlines.

✅ Ave time saved: 15mins
Tool & template for: Marketing

Content Idea Generator

The Content Idea Generator is your ultimate brainstorm buddy, helping you come up with unique, creative, and engaging ideas for your content.

✅ Ave time saved: 35mins
Tool & template for: Real Estate

Property Description Generator

The Property Description Generator is a powerful tool that assists in creating compelling and informative property descriptions. It utilizes advanced algorithms to generate tailored prompts and suggestions based on your input, covering unique features, amenities, location, and neighborhood.

✅ Ave time saved: 35mins
Tool & template for: Web development

Homepage Layout Generator

Utilize the power of , a language model, to effortlessly create visually stunning and well-organized homepage layouts.

✅ Ave time saved: 35mins
Tool & template for: Agencies

Client Case Study Generator

The Client Case Study Generator is a powerful tool that quickly generates compelling case studies for your clients. With its advanced language model, it effortlessly creates high-quality content in seconds.

✅ Ave time saved: 45mins
Tool & template for: HR (Human Resources)

Automated Job Offer Letter Generator

The Automated Job Offer Letter Generator is a powerful tool that streamlines the process of sending job offer letters. With just a few clicks, it generates professional and personalized offer letters by incorporating candidate details, position offered, and start date.

✅ Ave time saved: 20mins
Tool & template for: Productivity

EduGoal Analyzer

EduGoal Analyzer is a powerful tool for analyzing educational goals and creating effective strategies for achieving them. With its advanced language understanding capabilities and extensive knowledge base, EduGoal Analyzer provides personalized guidance and support.

✅ Ave time saved: 40mins
Tool & template for: Sales

Customer Feedback Analysis Tool

Our Customer Feedback Analysis Tool is a powerful solution that helps businesses gain valuable insights from customer feedback data.

✅ Ave time saved: 35mins
Tool & template for: Assistants

AI-powered Meeting Agenda Generator

The AI-powered Meeting Agenda Generator is an advanced AI language model designed to assist virtual assistants in creating meeting agendas. With its ability to quickly generate agendas based on user inputs.

✅ Ave time saved: 50mins

+ 1000's more tools and templates like these!

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Expert guides, cheat-sheets and resources

We have a range of cheat-sheets, guide and resources for you to save even more time in your professional work with A.I.

We used to sell this bundle for $129, but we are giving it away for free to all new sign ups.

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Industry specific A.I. tools and templates

Our ever expanding platform includes 1000's of A.I. powered tools and templates for every industry. organization.

Alternative Dispute Resolution
Alternative Medicine
Apparel & Fashion
Architecture & Planning
Arts & Crafts
Aviation & Aerospace
Broadcast Media
Building Materials
Business Supplies & Equipment
Capital Markets
Civic & Social Organization
Civil Engineering
Commercial Real Estate
Computer & Network Security
Computer Games
Computer Hardware
Computer Networking
Computer Software
Consumer Electronics
Consumer Goods
Consumer Services
Defense & Space
Education Management
Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing
Environmental Services
Events Services
Executive Office
Facilities Services
Financial Services
Fine Art
Food & Beverages
Food Production
Gambling & Casinos
Glass, Ceramics & Concrete
Government Administration
Government Relations
Graphic Design
Health, Wellness & Fitness
Higher Education
Hospital & Health Care
Human Resources
Import & Export
Individual & Family Services
Industrial Automation
Information Services
Information Technology & Services
International Affairs
International Trade & Development
Investment Banking
Investment Management
Law Enforcement
Law Practice
Legal Services
Legislative Office
Leisure, Travel & Tourism
Logistics & Supply Chain
Luxury Goods & Jewelry
Management Consulting
Market Research
Marketing & Advertising
Mechanical or Industrial Engineering
Media Production
Medical Devices
Medical Practice
Mental Health Care
Mining & Metals
Motion Pictures & Film
Museums & Institutions
Nonprofit Organization Management
Oil & Energy
Online Media
Package/Freight Delivery
Packaging & Containers
Paper & Forest Products
Performing Arts
Political Organization
Primary/Secondary Education
Professional Training & Coaching
Program Development
Public Policy
Public Relations & Communications
Public Safety
Railroad Manufacture
Real Estate
Recreational Facilities & Services
Religious Institutions
Renewables & Environment
Security & Investigations
Sporting Goods
Staffing & Recruiting
Think Tanks
Translation & Localization
Venture Capital & Private Equity
Wine & Spirits
Writing & Editing
Zero learning-curve and setup

Simple and quick to use throughout your day.

Khrisa makes it straightforward for every employee to jump right in. With immediate time-saving solutions for their daily tasks, this tool ensures enhanced productivity from day one.

Khrisa UI overview

Don't take our word for it

The features you need to get A.I. working across your organization.

Sophie Turner
Sophie Turner

Lead Data Scientist, DataSpark Inc.

The AI tools are revolutionizing my workflow. I can complete tasks in half the time!

Maxwell Roberts
Maxwell Roberts

CEO, Quantum Tech Solutions

The transparency and efficiency these AI tools bring are commendable. It's almost as if we have doubled our team size without hiring a single person.

Bella Williams
Bella Williams

Operations Manager, Efficient Co.

Never have I encountered such a unique and effective tool in my career. My productivity has gone through the roof!

John Peters
John Peters

Owner, Peters Digital Agency

This community of AI tool users is extraordinary. It’s like having an extra set of hands at my disposal.

Lena Thompson
Lena Thompson

Video Content Creator, Independent

With these AI tools, my channel has reached over 28K subscribers in record time. My content creation workflow has never been smoother.

Dominic Sinclair
Dominic Sinclair

Head of Strategy, Growth Mark Inc.

These AI tools were the catalyst I needed in my professional journey. It's like having a dedicated assistant available 24/7.

Lucia Silva
Lucia Silva

SaaS Founder

The AI tools inspired me to kick start my venture. I've been able to achieve in months what would have taken years!

Oliver Hayes
Oliver Hayes

Digital Marketer, Digital Wave

Within a week, these AI tools boosted my productivity by over 40%!

Danielle Peterson
Danielle Peterson

Freelance Consultant

The sense of accountability these AI tools provide is invaluable. I've effectively cut my working hours by half while still delivering high-quality work.

Nathan Adams
Nathan Adams

Software Developer, Code Masters

With these AI tools, I'm not just getting things done, I'm getting them done faster and better than ever before.

Emily Scott
Emily Scott

CEO, Win Enterprises

Initially, I had my doubts. But now, these AI tools are one of the best investments I've ever made in terms of time savings.

Zachary Torres
Zachary Torres

Environmental Consultant, Eco Innovations

Through the use of these AI tools, I've been able to make significant connections in a surprisingly short amount of time.

Maya Harris
Maya Harris

Product Designer, DesignCraft

Within days of using these AI tools, I was able to streamline processes that previously took hours. The impact is simply phenomenal.

Aaron Mitchell
Aaron Mitchell

Editor-in-Chief, Daily Brew

The effectiveness of these AI tools in expediting work processes is absolutely commendable.

Isabella Bennett
Isabella Bennett

Owner, Foodie's Paradise

If you're looking to supercharge your business while saving time, these AI tools are the solution. They've transformed my operation like nothing else.

Daniel Murphy
Daniel Murphy

Founder, Book Worm Club

With these AI tools, our members are not just readers, but super readers. The increase in efficiency is palpable.

Olivia Clark
Olivia Clark

CFO, Future Finances

With these AI tools, I've discovered shortcuts and time-savers that have revolutionized my workflow.

Ethan Dry
Ethan Dry

Marketing Manager, Pioneer Marketing

The AI tools are the embodiment of smart work. They enable me to achieve more in less time, inspiring me every day.

Ava Viterale
Ava Viterale

Analyst, StockSurfer

Being able to analyze the strategies that work and those that don't has never been easier. It's a game-changer in my profession.

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Productivity - A.I. tools & templates bundle

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Sales - A.I. tools & templates bundle

Close more sales and generate more leads


Assistants - A.I. tools & templates bundle

Like having your own army of assistants


Support - A.I. tools & templates bundle

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Real Estate - A.I. tools & templates bundle

To automate every aspect of your Real Estate


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